More old trucks on the opal fields.

19 March 2017 by Johno

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Old Trucks in the Opal Fields

There are more old trucks on the opal fields than anywhere else. Early miners usually had little money, and being very mechanically minded, worked out ways to convert old trucks into useful vehicles for the opal fields.

Some miners today still use these trucks.

It is evident they were not into regular maintenance. Many of the trucks were used until they refused to go and were then abandoned. Nowadays they are part of the scene at the opal fields. No doubt, in the future, government officials will order a clean up and dispose of these treasures. In the meantime we can all visit and see these relics just as the miners left them.

Some of them have had parts scavenged. Many of them have been modified and many others just dumped as they were when they gave up the ghost.

Some Photographs of old trucks in the opal fields

Old Truck still in use

Rusted Old Truck

This truck looks like it is still being used today. The colours of yellow and rust blend in well with the colours of the opal field.

Old Truck Refurbished

Old Truck with Desert Paint Job

This truck looks like it has had a respray or maybe the top coat has worn away leaving the undercoat exposed. It looks like it is still in use for carrying plumbing supplies.

Old truck used for blowing opal dirt

Old Truck converted for use in the opal field

The above old truck has been converted for use in dumping the opal dirt from the shaft. With motor and hose attached it acts like a large vacuum cleaner and sucks up the opal dirt and then dumps it on the mullock heaps. It shows how ingenious some of the miners are.

An Old Truck in Good Condition.

Almost New Old Truck

This is one of the best old trucks I have seen in the opal fields. It could almost get a roadworthy.

Another useful old truck

Another Old Truck in use

This truck has been converted to cart opal dirt.

Old truck still in use

Old opal dirt carrying truck

This truck is still being used to carry opal dirt.

Old Truck used regularly

Well kept Old Truck

This truck has been kept in good condition and converted for special carrying purposes.

Old retired truck

Old Truck now used just for storage.

This truck is now just used to store junk.

Old Truck run out of steam

Old Truck that has seen better days

The above truck looks like it has seen the end of its useful life. The beautiful rust colours look like they have been painted on. The tray looks like it has had a very long and useful life.

Old Dead Trucks

Old Truck Graveyard

This graveyard shows how the old trucks finally meet their end. When the rust finally destroys them or the mechanical bits finally break up in the harsh conditions they are left to gradually fade away.

These photographs were all taken by my wife Barbara. Her main interest on our trips is photography. While she is taking photographs I am usually fossicking for opal.


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