Mintabie Opal - A Schoolboy's Project

19 July 2015 by Johno

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Opal Mining at Mintabie Opal Field

I have written quite a few posts on the various opal fields in Australia to share information I have been able to glean over the years. I always hope someone will read something that will fire their interest and give them a little bit more knowledge about opal and the amazing efforts miners have gone to in order to mine this gem.

Now and then I get feedback that makes it all worthwhile. I have had relatives of Minnie Berrington, the first woman opal miner at Andamooka, contact me as well as neighbours and relatives of Bill Finney, the miner who was a guide at the solar power station at Whitecliffs when it closed down.

A School Project By Dylan of South Australia

This year I was quite thrilled to have Dylan, a young student from South Australia contact me, after looking up the website, and ask for information on opal mining at Mintabie. He rquired this information in order to complete a school project on this topic. I provided him with some information and the web addresses of some other sites hoping he would look these up and after carrying out some investigation, write up the project in his own words.

Just recently I heard from Dylan and he sent me a copy of his project. I was quite impressed that he had gone into the subject and put together a very good Power Point presentation. I have provided, with his permission, a copy of this for anyone to read.

Dylan has done a great job. I am sure you will agree. His presentation is set out below. Congratulations Dylan. By the way, Dylan received an A for the project


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