Lightning Ridge Opal Field - Local Humour

7 December 2015 by Johno

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Lightning Ridge Opal Field

In 2015 Barbara and I found ourselves at Lightning Ridge again. This time we met up with friends, Dianne and Ken, who had not been here before so it was up to us to show them some of the treasures of "The Ridge'.

Opal is not the only attraction. There are many locals with a great sense of humor and with artistic talents to express that humour. Wherever you drive around Lightning Ridge, and no matter how many times you do it, you will always find something else attract your attention. Why they go to all the trouble is anybody's guess, but I am glad they do. This post looks at some of the strange signs and structures that people erect.

Weather Station -Pub in the Scrub -Grawin

Weather Station near the Pub in the Scrub

The first photograph is of the weather station near the "Club in the Scrub". Note the women's toilet just behind it. Just hope the ladies don't mind being called shielas.

Sculpture at Grawin

Sculpture outside Pub in the Scrub

The above photograph is of a sculpture also just outside " The Pub in the Scrub' at Grawin. It probably wouldn't win a prize but it does show the innovative talent in the opal fields. Obviously the creators were " not on opal'" at the time.

Lightning Ridge - Outside Loo

Lightning Ridge - Dunny with a view

This photograph shows that nothing goes to waste in the opal fields. As long as you have the time and a sense of humour you can construct a sculpture that will appeal to someone.

Lightning Ridge - Welcome to Camp Hotchpotch

Lightning Ridge - Welcome Sign

Nato and Tanya certainly know how to attract attention to their camp.

Lightning Ridge - Where are We?

Lightning Ridge -Lost Again

This photograph pretty well sums up how the tourists feel when driving around the many opal fields at Lightning Ridge. It is very easy to get lost and maps are not a great deal of use as everything looks the same. Roads seem to meander aimlessly around the thousands of opal mines in the area and signposts are almost non existent. You just have to keep driving and you will end up somewhere.

Lightning Ridge - What's Daylight Savings?

Lightning Ridge - Who cares about the time

And who cares how long it takes? Obviously not the people who built this clock. At places like Lightning Ridge, time doesn't really matter if you are a tourist. You have all day to drive around and check out the hidden treasures that are on show all around the area.

Lightning Ridge - The Battler's sign

Lightning Ridge - Please don't speed

The locals, like "The Battler", obviously want everyone to drive carefully around the opal fields. As the roads are mostly unmade tracks, speeding vehicles throw up a lot of dust and this is considered unfriendly. Not only that but you could easily end up down an opal hole if you do drive fast. The local Council are not the only ones to erect traffic signs as is evident above.

Lightning Ridge - What does it mean?

Lightning Ridge - What does it mean?

Sometimes while driving around you see something that makes no sense. This is one. I have no idea what it is meant to portray but it does catch your eye. Maybe it does have a deep meaning.

Lightning Ridge -Stoney's Shed

Lightning Ridge - Lazy as a Frog

I will finish this post with a photograph of the artistic work of "Stoney".

I hope you have enjoyed this trip around Lightning Ridge. There are so many little treasures to be found. I have been here many times but this is the first time I have seen most of these.

There are also many other attractions at Lightning Ridge and you can see these on Ridge Attractions.


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