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5 November 2015 by Johno

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Andamooka Matrix Opal

Andamooka matrix opal is still a much maligned form of opal in many people's minds. The fact that it is a treated form of opal seems to ignore the fact that it is still basically one of natures treasures with it's beauty enhanced by changing the background colour only. The opal itself is not changed in any way. I have written a number of posts about Andamooka matrix opal and if you click on the link you can see one of them.

The fact that Andamooka matrix opal is found at only one location and that very little is being found anymore makes it quite a rare and beautiful stone. The really high quality stones are, I believe, equal in beauty to most other forms of opal. In fact, they are often more beautiful than a lot of the inferior natural opal we see today.

Lately I have produced a few posts showing photographs of opalised fossils, plant stems in opal and matrix opal . These photographs have been supplied by a collector and photographer called Andre. He is an opal enthusiast, who has traveled around Australia and the world seeking out unusual and beautiful opal, photographing it and in some cases, buying it. He has kindly sent me some photographs of Andamooka matrix opal to share with you.

Andamooka SA fire in the sky matrix black opal

Andamooka Matrix Opal

This first photograph shows the most wonderful colours that exist in a quality piece of Andamooka matrix opal.

View of Andamooka Matrix Opal showing red colours

Andamooka Matrix opal 2

This next photo is one of a series of the same piece of Andamooka matrix opal showing the variation in colour as you move the stone around.

Second View of Andamooka Matrix Opal showing red and purple colours

Andamooka Matrix Opal

The second view of the same piece of Anadamooka Matrix Opal shows brilliant red on the side and purple and green on top.

Final view of Andamooka Matrix Opal showing top of stone

Andamooka Matrix Opal

The third view shows the top of the stone with brilliant red colour and a band of natural opal within the matrix.

Final view of Andamooka Matrix Opal showing all of the colours

Andamooka Matrix Opal

The final view shows all of the colours and the band of natural opal within the matrix.

The richness of the colour of Andamooka matrix opal is something that distinguishes it from other opal. Unfortunately the surface is sometimes pitted preventing a really highly polished surface as in natural opal and this is one way you can recognize it. In early times some unscrupulous dealers sold it as black opal and this had led some people to be wary of it.

A big advantage of Andamooka matrix opal and Andamooka Rainbow matrix opal is that it often comes in large sizes and this lends itself to be made into chunky necklaces with brilliant flashes of colour.

For more pictures of Andamooka matrix opal click onto the link.


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