Free Lung Checks for Opal and Gemstone Miners

2 May 2023 by Johno

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Free Lung Checks for Opal and Gemstone Miners

Heart of Australia will be bringing its state of the art mobile medical imaging clinic - HEART 5- to Quilpie, Yowah and Cunnamulla to provide free lung checks for current small scale opal and gemstone miners in the region.

As part of the initiative with Resources Safety and Health Queensland, the innovative HEART 5 truck will be delivering Clinics from May 12-20 at the following locations:

John Waugh Park Quilpie from May 12-13

YOMCSI Hall in Yowah from May 15-16 

War Memorial Fountain in Cunnamulla from May 18-20

The fifth truck in the Heart of Australia fleet is equipped with its own world-class first, battery powered mobile CT scanner which allows specialists to conduct a CT scan onsite,anywhere, anytime.

Ewan Wylie, Head of Operations, says being able to bring the mobile clinic to Quilpie and Paroo Shire will help reduce the obstacle of distance that patients in Queensland experience in seeking the quality healthcare they need.

We're thrilled that we can bring this service to Southwest Queensland because we know that early detection of lung dust diseases leads to better health outcomes for the individual. We encourage all current opal and gemstone miners in the region, who are eligible, to come forward and book for this free and confidential service.

Appointment slots are now open for those eligible in the region to visit HEART 5 for their free lung health check. Participants will have access to a comprehensive 45 minute, respiratory assessment , including a chest x-ray, spirometry, and consultation with an experienced examining medical officer.

Eligible opal workers will have no out of pocket costs and participation in the program is completely confidential. No information will be shared with third parties

To apply for an appointment, please contact the Heart of Australia corporate Health Initiative on 07 3107 4823 or visit

For further information please contact

Leisa Ashton on 0421 716 551 or

or Ainslee Wallace on 0410 790 111 or

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